Winchester Lake City 5.56 55 Grain M193 FMJ RTAC Medium


These Bulk-boxes of Winchester Lake City 5.56 55-grain M193 FMJ are a perfect choice for training and practice with your favourite AR-15.


The Winchester Lake City 5.56 55 Grain M193 FMJ RTAC Medium 

A Winchester Lake City 5.56 55 Grain modular range of tactical serpentine cascade of high-quality equipped with a parcel of Bandera de PVC Ammunition Depot. The main compartment with an acrobatics group for their arms and accusers no sugar daoos si case la bolsa. Panels can restore the vestibule. Loser frontal and lateral boards with corrugated MOLLE resistors for binder versatility and a more flexible bolsa de la gamma RTAC. The best gamma media can be used very demonstrably. It makes this corrugated MOLLE panel lateral. The corpse for the hombro is desmontable, ajustable and cuenta with a banda acolchada. Buy GAMO CHACAL PCP Online.

These granules from Winchester Lake City 5.56 M193 FMJ 55 are a perfect option to enter and practice with your AR-15 favorites. Each present carton of rechargeables and fabricated carcasses, components of Winchester confinable, and a balaclava with 55 grass of a metal shirt.

  • 500 cajas redondas a granel
  • 5.56 M193, FMJ de 55 granos
  • Carcassas latin recargables recién hechas
  • Confidential legend of Winchester

If you are looking for an algorithm of time or have a carabiner course carabiners, ca this Caja, a grant of 500 rounds, is an excellent option! One of only 500 rounds. We have agreed on a plan of consideration and ordinance on our munitions, and shipments are almost essential!

If the bidder wants to sell Winchester to Lake Munich, he will renew the contract or buy all the M855 products that Winchester does not need and will not buy or sell.


(1) RTAC platform echo

(1) Parche de Bandera de Anuncio de PVC

(2) Winchester Lake City 5.56 55 Grano M193 FMJ – WM193500AD – 500 Redondo

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